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Mood disorder is very common nowadays. Nearly one in ten persons suffers from mood fluctuations. In this particular mood disorder people have lot of mood swings irrespective of the outer circumstances. Sometimes they remain happy for no reason and sometimes they are depressed and sad. Sometimes the disturbance in brain chemicals or neuro transmitters can lead to this disorder.

The most common mood disorders include major depression, dysthymic disorder (milder depressive disorder), and bipolar disorder, in which alternating episodes of depression and mania (elevated mood) occur in the same individual. It is normal for your mood to change, and most people go through times of feeling sad. When these feelings last for a very long time or interfere with your life, however, you may have a mood disorder.

Mood disorders can be successfully treated especially when medication is combined with psychotherapy and medicine, it work wonders.

Common types of Mood Disorder :
  1. Major depression-The depressed person is not able to live his/her life to the fullest as they remain sad most of the time which also affects their health, work and personal life.
  2. Dysthymia-This is a chronic, low-grade, depressed, or irritable mood that lasts for at least 2 years.
  3. Bipolar disorder-This is the condition where people have frequents ups and downs in their mood.
  4. Substance induced mood disorder-These types of mood disorders include mood swings due to a long term medication, drug abuse, alcoholism.

It’s very important to analyze our emotional state and the more early we realize the better the health will be. So it’s a very crucial step to be aware of our mood and if any disturbance is there then we should immediately visit a psychiatrist and get a better mental health. It’s very important to get early treatment of mood disorder so that we can overcome any complications. The early it is cured the better we will feel.

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