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We all face anxiety at some point of our life. A little anxiety is common when you are appearing for an exam or facing a challenging situation. Its normal to some extent. But people who are suffering from anxiety disorder feel difficulty in coping with anxiety and it gets worse with due course of time. It then starts interrupting in the daily life activities.

Some people are so nervous before an important event that it creates a disturbance and leads to poor performance. Like for example some children starts shivering and sweating a lot before their exams. Some before delivering a speech get stage fear and have difficulty in facing the public.

This can occur in any age. Even little children have performance anxiety these days. With so much pressure of competition and excellence in every field children are also facing lot of anxiety.

Here, parents role for a child is very valuable. A parent should become a friend to their rather than constantly complaining. They should become a helping hand and their biggest supporter.

Anxiety is natural till some extent but if the person is unable to do his task normally and is creating lot of chaos in his mind then he needs proper treatment.

Anxiety disorders are treated with psychotherapy, medication or both. Cognitive behavioral therapy also known as CBT is very effective in curing anxiety to a large extent. Medication is also very helpful in treating this disorder. The most common medications used to combat anxiety disorders are antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and beta-blockers.

And yes anxiety disorders are treatable but the treatment varies from person to person. Some patients may take few weeks, some may take few months and some serious cases might take a year as well. Its better to consult a psychiatrist if you are facing a severe problem. A psychiatrist can guide you and help you in leading a better and more fulfilled life.

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