‘KIRAN NEURO-PSYCHIATRY CARE’ is a ‘PSYCHIATRIC CENTER OF EXCELLENCE’ that restores hope to each clients/patients that we are associated with, through our innovative treatment programs.

We have the highest quality of specialized, affordable and effective clinical care facility for mental health needs as per global standards.

In our confidential and safe environment at KIRAN NEURO-PSYCHIATRY CARE, we provide specifically tailored treatment programs for our clients. We believe that everyone has one’s unique challenges. We work in partnership with our clients and take shared decisions.

Our approach is non judgmental, evidence-based and designed to enable recovery, prolong remission, relapse-prevention and self-care. We are committed to protecting the rights and dignity of all our patients. 

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We provide consultations, counselling, therapies and assessments for a variety of psychological, psychiatric and other mental healthcare and well-being services. Out-Patient Care is available only in weekdays. (Weekend : Closed)
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We offer admission facility specializing in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with psychiatric illnesses of all kinds, including addiction. We offer both short-term and long-term treatment and care for such patients, depending on the nature and severity of the illness...


We provides 24 x 7 days emergency services. The emergency services consist of crisis intervention for patients who are aggressive, suicidal or unmanageable. We are also equipped to handle all kinds of psychiatric emergencies and crises for patients.


Our outreach services include home care visits for assessments and treatment, care for home-bound individuals, treatment adherence strategies, conducting community outreach clinics, etc...


We follow a regular follow-up with the patient and his/her family members even after treatment and discharge, thereby aiding in relapse prevention.


We offer online consultancy for those who are unable to come to clinic or for NRI. For detail see link.

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